Local litecoin - Affiliate Program

Please find more information about the program below

You can earn 129.99 USD or more on your Local Litecoin account monthly, please read the information below to benefit from this program.

How it Works

  • You get 0.027027027 LTC (1.29 USD) for each person you introduce that registers with Local Litecoin and also joins the affiliate program.

Example, If you referrer 5 users and they join the affiliate program, you get 5 x 1.29 USD = 6.49 USD

How to get Started

  • Create an account using the following link Sign up

  • Then click on Join Affiliate program. A onetime fee of 0.04158 LTC (1.99 USD) is required to join the program

  • Click here to get your referer link

  • Share your referer link with friends or social media. 0.027027027 LTC (1.29 USD) will be deposited into your wallet for each user you invite to register and join the affiliate program